Future Project: Education Foundation School and College

There are significant gap between rural and urban area students in terms of teacher quality and educational resources. The village students are not well-informed about university education, the university admission tests and some other aspects in regard of higher studies. Speaking generally, students of the rural areas in our country usually remain ignorant about university education or higher study throughout their school life. Many students waste their time willfully as a result of this ignorance. It is very unfortunate that those students do not have easy access to any information about university education and its importance. That is really a matter of concern because lots of talented students study at rural schools and colleges due to lack of money or proper opportunities. They lag behind the students of urban areas. They face many problems such as the lack of experienced teachers, lack of well furnished classrooms, lack of enriched laboratoris and so on. If they are provided with these facilities, the disparity between urban and rural areas’ students will disappear gradually.

Hence, Education Foundation has been working on this issue for some years. We give Education Foundation’s Merit Test Exam every year in rural areas. To make this more efficient and effective we have a vision named “Education Foundation School and College” for 2025. That school and college will be very different from others. We shall try our best to provide the students of rural areas proper opportunities to explore themselves in their own way. We shall try to let them know about the higher studies so that they can enrich their knowledge and spread the motto “Be a good human and help to be a good human”.