Education Foundation Humanitarian Works

The Education Foundation does a variety of humanitarian work. The Education Foundation has provided financial and psychological support to people living with complex diseases, people broken legs and hands, patients with anemia,and breast cancer. Other humanitarian works are helping people during floods, distributing winter clothes to the poor during winter, preventing early marriage and raising awareness among the rural people. Most of the people in the village are illiterate so they are not aware of the benefits of education. The Education Foundation creates awareness among them by explaining the benefits of education. This foundation also plays a significant role in preventing child marriage. Members of this Foundation explain to parents about the serious consequences of early marriage. Every year, Bangladesh experiences a lot of winter and during winter rural poor people suffer a lot. This foundation stands beside them to decrease their suffering, distribute winter clothes and distribute relief goods among them. During the floods, the poor rural people in this country suffer and this foundation provides financial and physical support to those people. Apart from this, the Education Foundation provides financial help to poor people suffering from various diseases who do not get proper treatment due to lack of money. In addition, the Education Foundation financially supports many poor students so that they don't stop studying in the absence of money. .

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