Education Foundation Social Awareness Program

Social awareness is the active process of seeking out information about what is happening in the community in which we live. During the awareness program, we make the students aware of social problems like eve-teasing, addiction etc through the seminar. Education foundation attends seminars on how to tackle these social disorders. In Bangladesh, many young people and teenagers of different ages are moving away from healthy life to addictions and harmful drugs, including phensedyl. We arrange many programs to make students and many people aware of the harmful nature of drug addiction. In village areas of Bangladesh, early child marriage is also a big problem. Most of the people in village areas are illiterate. They don't know about immorality of child marriage. We arrange seminars in many places to teach those who are illiterate about the consequences of child marriage. The role of women's education in social development is immense. The girls of our society are far behind in education. It is important for girls to get into education, because more education means more productivity and income in their own career. This becomes very important for the health of their children at a later time. Quality education makes a mother health conscious. Studies show that it helps her children get better nutrition. Children suffer from various diseases due to malnutrition and those diseases increase mortality. Every penny spent on educating girls more and more contributes to social welfare. The second is family planning, which can save the life of both the mother and the baby by increasing the interval between the births of two children. It contributes to the health of the mother and baby. Drug addiction is also a big problem in our society. We work a lot to solve these various problems of the society.

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