Education Foundation Student of The Year

The purpose of this award is to inspire the best student/students of a school and find good people in general. First, we choose ten students per school based on our merit test examination marks. Besides academic results, we focus on student’s behavior and extracurricular activities.

Student of the Year will be selected based on the following four topics:

  1. Education Foundation Merit test marks (200)
  2. Average scores achieved in annual exams (100)
  3. Average scores are given by three teachers on good behavior and extracurricular (100)


Three best students will be selected from each school.

  1. The first prize is a bunch of books worth 1000 Taka.
  2. The second prize is a bunch of books worth 300 Taka.
  3. The third prize is a bunch of books worth 200 Taka.

A crest and a certificate will accompany each prize.

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