Education Foundation Free Class

Education Foundation has many doors to do good tasks for helpless people. The people who are involved with this organization give their efforts to create awareness among rural area people about every good humanitarian work that is possible.

First of all, it creates awareness about the importance of Education, preventing early marriage, distributing food, clothes, medicine etc in disaster areas. It arranges "Free Classes" for creating awareness & curiosity among the students to know the unknown.

Now,what is Education Foundation "Free Class "?

Here, "Free Class" means the class which is taken by mainly the public University students but students don’t have to pay any fees.This Free Class usually occurs around the student’s vacation time. During vacation, Education Foundation arranges a Free Class for 15-20 days. It is about 2-3 hours daily. For the 15-20 days on Free class, we (as teachers) help the students complete important chapters and give them basic techniques on the chapters. In this way, they can learn and know how to read another chapter or topic.We think the main purpose of the "Free Class" is not only to teach the students on bookish knowledge but also they can learn from this class about public university and know how can they obtain a seat in a public university. When a teacher teaches them about any topic from their book, they must emphasize on those topics which are most important and how they can learn it easily. For this reason, teachers always try to make easy the important topics in his/her own way. Thus really helping them to make the class enjoyable. This way teachers create curiosity about learning among the students and the students feel happy to learn more and more.

Gradually, they must grow confidence in themselves about their competitive situation. So Free Class is very helpful for the students.

In a word, Education Foundation’s Free Class is undoubtedly a blessing for rural area students. It sends the message out, “if you want to learn, you will attend Free Class".

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