EF merit test exam

Education foundation has arranged many competitive exams every year to encourage rural students to become interested in competitive exams. The students who place well in education foundation’s merit test exam are usually admitted to many public universities later on. It is a competitive exam to test your skills.

Education Foundation merit test exam is divided into three categories. For the most junior students we have Primary class. It consists of students of class three to five. For students of class six to eight we have the Junior class. And lastly for students of class nine and ten there is Secondary class.

The exam consists of four main subjects : Bangla, English, Math and Science. All subjects have the same mark distribution, 50 marks. The exam is 200 marks total. The question pattern is like any competitive exam held elsewhere; students will be able to answer it if they know the basics well. There may be True/False, MCQ and short answer questions in the exam. The questions are from their main text books.

Education Foundation’s merit test exam prize is given in two main categories: Village and Town. Each category has three sub categories which are Primary, Junior and Secondary.

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