Education Foundation Seminar

We provide guidelines to students during this seminar. We go to each school and arrange seminars. Those who get admission to public universities become the main speakers of the seminars. The speaker gives a speech of about 20-25 minutes long. He mainly emphasises future guidelines.

Objectives of the seminar

  1. To spread awareness about study among the students.
  2. To make them feel that each of them has the potential to shine in life.
  3. To make them feel that they are not marginalized and Education Foundation is always there for all sorts of support if needed.
  4. To make them realize the fact that it’s not a big deal that they are from rural areas and they are not provided with some extra facilities which the students of urban areas have. Because the syllabus is same for all students throughout the country and the textbooks are the same as well.
  5. To assure them that if there is any help needed, Education Foundation is always there for them. If they want we will create free classes during their vacation .
  6. To make the teachers realize that they should also give more and more effort for the betterment of the students of their respective schools.
  7. To give students tips and tricks about how to study efficiently.
  8. To make the students understand why should they attend Education Foundation’s merit test exam and how important the exam is .

Feedback from the seminar

The feedback from the seminars held till now is beyond our expectations. It looks like the students have developed a strong enthusiasm to study harder. They are eager to participate in the Education Foundation’s merit test exam after listening to the speech delivered by the speaker. The seminars inform the students and teachers about what Education Foundation is and what plans and initiatives we have for the students.

Some captured moments of seminars

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